6 different ways with crumpets

6 different ways with crumpets

It’s no secret that I LOVE crumpets. So here are 6 alternatives to toasting them with butter…

Stuffed crumpets

A crumpet with a surprise centre! To make stuffed crumpets, toast a couple of crumpets then cut a circle in the middle and scrape out the centre, leaving the base of the crumpet intact.

Add a filling of your choice (I filled mine with chorizo, tomatoes and peas) then top with cheese and grill until melted.

Soldiers for boiled eggs

You can’t beat soft boiled eggs with toasted crumpet soldiers. Topping suggestions include smoked salmon and avocado, melted cheese or pizza crumpets (see below).

Pizza crumpets

To make pizza crumpets, sautee a handful of cherry tomatoes in a pan with a little coconut oil and a pinch of oregano and salt until softened. Spread the tomatoes on to toasted crumpets, top with cheese and grill until melted. It also works well on a giant crumpet.

Egg cooked in a crumpet

My grandma used to cook something which she called ‘duckpond’: basically a piece of bread with an egg fried in the middle. I decided to switch up the toast for a crumpet and I haven’t looked back.

Here’s how you do it: Cut a hole in the middle of a crumpet, heat a pan with a little oil then add your crumpet and crack an egg in the middle. Cook until the white is cooked through but the yolk is still runny – I find using a pan with a lid helps. Toast or fry the centre of the crumpet so you can dip it into the yolk. Delicious!

Frumpets (French toast crumpets)

Essentially a crumpet version of french toast. Whisk an egg then soak your crumpets in the egg mixture for 5 minutes and fry in a little oil on each side until crisp. They work well with sweet or savoury toppings:

Frumpets topped with peanut butter, raisins and banana
Frumpet stack with avocado, smoked salmon and a fried egg

Wrapped in bacon

A crumpet wrapped in bacon. What could be better, right? All you need to do is wrap a couple of rashers of streaky bacon around a crumpet and then grill until crisp. If you’re feeling really naughty, brush with a little maple syrup after grilling.

Which of the above would you make for breakfast?

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