How to cook the perfect boiled egg

How to cook the perfect boiled egg

One of my earliest memories is my Grandma making me dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast on a Saturday morning. I loved dipping buttery toast soldiers into the golden oozy yolk, which my Grandma always managed to achieve. For years I have been experimenting with different timings in order to crack (excuse the pun!) the perfect dippy egg and I finally did it!


Cooking boiled eggs is probably the question I get asked about most on my Instagram, so here’s my quick guide:

The key is in the timing. For large eggs that are straight from the fridge, I bring a pan of water to the boil, carefully add the eggs and cook for exactly 6 minutes. This cooks the white through (who else can’t stand undercooked egg white?!) but gives the perfect yolk consistency for dipping. If you are using smaller eggs, reduce the time by a 30 seconds – 1 minute.

So there you have it: perfect boiled eggs every time. Just don’t get me started on the soldiers… that’s a whole other post!

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